~ About Us ~

Awesomeness in Every Essence

Karnataka Aromas has been the leading fragrance & flavour entity in India for over two decades. Trusted and renowned, Karnataka Aromas has earned a genuine reputation for offering luxurious, crafted and world-class ingredients for fragrance and flavours.

Over the years, Karnataka Aromas has consistently represented & delivered the finest from the world leaders like BASF, Symrise, Takasago, Eternal Pearl and many more have earned us an exceptional appreciation from a long list of satisfied clientele who are placed in different parts of the country. Fusing new innovation, new technology & the finest craftsmanship, our vision transcends trends to deliver a unique promise.

For Karnataka Aromas, quality is the epitome of our belief system, and that is the reason why we don’t hesitate to walk an extra mile just to quench our thirst for quality assurance. Equipped with an advanced, state-of the-art quality control laboratory, we at Karnataka Aromas carry out qualitative analysis and tests on internationally quality certified products, for our own confirmation, and satisfaction.



Metamorphosis of Karnataka Aromas into a global brand by cologne-ising the world with our Flavours & Fragrance. To become the obvious choice of brand for our customers. To mutually achieve new realms of success with our customers and attain a common goal. To be pacesetters by being the catalyst for future trends. To be known not only for innovation but also for inspiration.


Building on the momentum of our success we aspire to invigorate our customer's senses by creating products with a touch of boldness and originality that is tailored to the requirements of our customer's innovation. To improve performance across the value chain leveraging on our extensive market knowledge by analysis of consumer insights by forming long-standing and successful relationship with our customers