~ Speciality Products ~

Overpowering the Scent Market!

The thinking and design of every speciality product begins with asking the right questions and understanding the clientele we serve. Karnataka Aromas brings finest speciality products for fragrance, flavour and essential oils from the world's best aromatic ingredient manufacturers. Like our other finest range of ingredients, some of our specialty products are created based on originality, market trend and creating an new influence to the market.

Special Products

Speciality Products

Product Name CAS Brand Olfactory Spec MSDS FEMA
Dihydrorosan 345 BSAF Floral,Green- Herbal, Rose, Geranium-like ertert ert ert
Rose Oxide 90 345 BASF Vibrating, Rich Rose ertert ert ert
Alpha Phellandrene 345 Takasago Pleasant, Fresh-Citrusy, Peppery-Woody, Minty ertert ert ert
Amberinol 20 345 Takasago Ambergris, Woody, Animalic, Earthy ertert ert ert
Ambretone 345 Takasago Musk, Sweet, Floral, Amber ertert ert ert
Cis Jasmone 345 Takasago Floral, Jasmine, Spicy, Fruity ertert ert ert
Humus Ether 345 Takasago Green, Mossy, Earthy, Woody ertert ert ert
L-Citronellol 345 Takasago Floral, Rose, Fresh ertert ert ert
L-Muscone 345 Takasago Musk, Animal, Powdery ertert ert ert
Matsutake Acetate 345 Takasago Herbal, Fruity, Mint, Floral ertert ert ert
Oxalide T 345 Takasago Musk, Sweet, Animalic, Floral ertert ert ert
Sauvignone 100 345 Takasago Fruity, Grape, Cassis, Sulphur ertert ert ert
Allyl Caproate 345 Symrise Fruity, Pineapple, Cider ertert ert ert
Ambrocenide 100% 345 Symrise Amber, Woody, Ambery ertert ert ert
Ambroxide Crystal 345 Symrise Ambery, Amber, Woody ertert ert ert
Filbertone 345 Symrise Hazelnut, Nutty ertert ert ert
Rose oxide L 345 Symrise Floral ,Rose, Green ertert ert ert
Sultanene 345 Symrise Fruity, Pineapple, Pear, Plum, Jackfruit ertert ert ert
Alpha Damascone 345 Hangzhou Grascent Aroma Fruity,Floral ertert ert ert
Beta Damascone 345 Hangzhou Grascent Aroma Fruity, Floral ertert ert ert
Damascenone 345 Hangzhou Grascent Aroma Fruity, Floral, Plum ertert ert ert
Di Hydro Beta Ionone 345 Hangzhou Grascent Aroma Earthy, Woody, Mahagany, Orris, Dry, Amber ertert ert ert
2-Acetyl Pyrazine 345 Bestally Popcorn ertert ert ert
Hydroxyambran 345 Milititz Aromatics Woody, Ambra ertert ert ert
CEPIONATE 345 Zeon Floral, Sweet, Jasmine ertert ert ert
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