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World's best to propel your innovation

Karnataka Aromas have collaborated with the industry’s most trusted fragrance and flavour manufacturing leaders from around the world to provide our customers with innovative solutions to the complex problems faced by their business.

It's not just our in-depth expertise and understanding of aromatic market that allow us to customise our services to the needs of the fragrance or flavour verticals. Our collaboration with key manufacturers also enable us to identify the trends and foresee emerging changes, Karnataka Aromas work with each of our partner to deliver greater value addition to our customers that can accelerate their ambitions.

BASF is one of the leading producers and suppliers of aroma ingredients with a global supply network as well as two world-scale aroma ingredients sites in Malaysia and Germany. They offer a product portfolio in six scent ranges, which contain in total more than 60 different products.
Symrise is a major producer of flavours and fragrances. With a market share of 11 % (2016), Symrise is one of the world's top suppliers in the fragrance and flavour market.
Van Aroma is the leading supplier of Indonesian naturals in the F&F and aromatherapy industry today. They are focused on being the one stop shop for all requirements and derivatives of Indonesian naturals.
Hangzhou Grascent is one of China's leading manufacturers for oil derivatives with over 90% of the products exported worldwide.
Takasago International Corporation is an international producer of flavours and fragrances headquartered in Japan The global Takasago organization maintains offices, production sites and R & D centers in 26 countries.
The "Eternal Pearl" brand is a renowned trademark from China. The company is a world known leader in the vanillin business.
Headquartered in Japan Zeon's Specialty Chemical Division provides specialty chemicals, including synthetic aroma chemicals for food and cosmetics. They are popularly known for their Aroma Chemicals; Green Notes, Jasmine Notes. Lactone Notes and TRIFLAIGE® which is a brand-new product that features tropical, fruity, floral and musky odours.
BRU Speciality Chemicals Pvt Ltd. is a company situated in Raipur, India, which is into manufacturing of Sandalwood Derivatives.
Miltitz Aromatics GmbH has numerous products for fine chemistry, classical chemical fragrance components and intermediates. They are especially competitive regarding hydrogenated materials as well as isoprene downstream products.
Santanol is a world leader in the production and distribution of pure Sandalwood oil, sustainably and ethically sourced from our plantations of East Indian Sandalwood in Western Australia.