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Roots of the Marlecha Ventures

The roots of the Marlecha Ventures date back to the early 70's in the picturesque rural settings of Bala near Jodhpur nestled amidst the Rajasthan desert. It was here that Mr. Sampath Raj started understanding the nuances of business, mentally laid the foundation for the Marlecha Ventures.

Under his stewardship, his companies rose to be the most trusted partner for the world's finest aromatic companies, a reliable trading partner for the largest chemical company in the country, one of the largest rubber trading companies in the country. Most importantly, the initiatives of his earned the respect and admiration of the people, as one of India's finest fragrance and flavour ingredient business houses.

With a solid understanding of humane values, Mr. Sampath Raj has institutionalised the idea of caring and giving at the Marlecha Ventures. With his consent, the group is involved in meaningful welfare driven activities that distinctively impact the quality of life of the less blessed and the ignored lot of the society.

As part of Marlecha Ventures, Karnataka Aromas is proud and will always be grateful for having guidance and mentorship from our group chairman Mr. Sampath Raj

Other Initiatives


Karnataka Chemical Industries had its inception way back in 1974, envisaged by Mr. K Sampath Raj Marlecha. We have grown from a small trading firm with one employee to a large diversified group with a turnover over 500 Crores and 200+ employees.

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An idea can come from anywhere, through anyone. Marlecha Fincorp focuses on those who lack the access to banking and related services, but who have the aspirations and find opportunities through adversities.

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BRU Speciality Chemicals is a leading developer of aroma molecules. We are proud to claim that we create and deliver fragrance ingredients that stimulate the sensibilities.

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