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8 Nov, 2018

Creating Perfume Magic with Oils

by Admin | 16th October, 2018 |

If you have been longing for experiencing a good vibe throughout the week but somehow work life has been stressful, then it is time to give your mind a peaceful touch with perfumes laden with essential oils.

As interesting as it sounds, Karnataka Aromas have partnered with some of the popular brands such as Eternal Pearl, BASF, Takasago, Bestally and Symrise to come up with fresh and exotic fragrances that will instantly entice your mind.

Did you know that essential oils were capable of creating sensuous perfumes that would emanate some of the best fragrances you have ever come across! Lavender, rose, cedar wood, jasmine and many more unique essential oils are perfect ingredients for perfumes. With the right blend of essential oils and other natural elements, perfumes are developed that can bring an unconventional touch to your mood or maybe lighten up your mind. The freshness of the essential oils are clearly felt through the soft yet enchanting fragrances.

The combination of cedar wood oil with grapefruit and ginger often stirs up a strong yet fascinating fragrance that can be bottled up as a perfume. The mixture is indeed a refreshing one, lending a unique smell for your evening party.

Lavender oil is one of the popular essential oils which is generally used for perfumes and fragranced products. The sweet and delicate touch of lavender with other natural ingredients stunningly creates a wonderful mixture that can be seamlessly used for perfumes. The essence of lavender is felt from the sugary fragrance that is long-lasting and strong. There is also a calming effect of lavender oil and the perfume too creates the same effect.

Peppermint oil is another significant essential oil which has been used earlier as well for making perfumes. The vibrant and zingy feel of the essential oil comes from its refreshing fragrance. Peppermint has not only be used for perfume making but for flavouring food items as well. Its tanginess can be felt – from the very first sight of it!

Perfumes are also procured from rosemary, citrus and lemongrass essential oils that are not only natural but comes with no side effects. Each and every fragrance is mood lifting and alluring.

Karnataka Aromas believe in making your lives a happier and fulfilling one and what better way than a dose of refreshing aromas from bottled perfumes laden with essential oils.