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30 May, 2019

Incense and Its Eternal Bond with Meditation

by Admin | 30th May, 2019 |

Incense is a material, which lets out a pleasant aroma while burning. It soothes the mind and delivers inner peace. The beautiful scent reaches the heart, and it automatically elevates the mood and makes people focus more as the mind calms down.

It is a common practice around the world to burn incense sticks before people settle down to meditate to let them focus better on themselves. The mind needs to calm down and shut off from the rest of the world to attain absolute peace and composure. The aroma of tee sticks helps in accelerating the process. It fills the mind with pleasure and solitude and makes you plunge deeper into the eternal bliss of meditation. Meditation helps you to connect to your real self and acknowledge your existence and identity. It is believed to have you connected to tee orders of the entire universe.

Incense sticks purify the atmosphere and fill the room or the space of meditation with a pleasant scent. They let out a peaceful vibe and positive energy around you. Incense is made of ingredients taken from nature like flowers, and it automatically makes you feel the presence of the same. As tranquility prevails in the atmosphere, it becomes easier for one to concentrate and absorb the positive and serenity of the place. The ambience gets elevated into a more deep state. The burning of incense sticks steers the space clear of negative vibes and fills the room with an aura of innocence and sanity. The mind is afresh and ready for a deep dive into the soul.

The history of burning incense sticks dates back to centuries. The burning of incense sticks is a ritual in many beliefs and is intensely related to the spiritual customs of different religions. According to the traditions of the Catholic Church, the incense has the power to enhance the asceticism of the services of the church as well the devotion towards God. Also, incense plays a vital role in the rituals of Hinduism. They use incense in numerous events like prayers, Pujas or any other forms of worships. Buddhists burn incense with the purpose of purifying an area. They burn a candle at first and then proceed to light the incense sticks from there. This sets the mood for meditation when the body comes to a state of complete rest.

Incense burning was prevalent in the early days, and it has a history of healing people’s minds. It creates a soothing effect and helps to deal with stress and anxiety. Incense helps in lowering blood pressure and keeps the pulse at a stable rate. This way, people live a better life, devoid of the extreme anxiety issues in spite of the peer pressure s in life. A soulful practice carried on for centuries, meditation and burning of incense sticks now go hand in hand. One calms the mind before settling in, while the other helps in you peek into your inner self.

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