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27 Mar, 2019

Popular Flavours to Look Out for in 2019

by Admin | 27th March, 2019 |

Don’t we all enjoy a sudden whiff of a uniquely pleasant fragrance that either keeps us guessing of its origin or takes us back to long lost memories! Now as much as we want to keep ourselves enticed with the charming fragrances, this year some of the popular flavour trends are already winning hearts and appreciation from everywhere. These flavours have become a major hit among for its distinct essence and aesthetic nature.

Be it for food flavouring or for confectionery items, here are some of the popular flavours to look out for in 2019:

  • Floral Flavours – Gone are the days when flowers were meant only for beautification or for gifting. But now flowers are much more than that. Their fruity and floral fragrance is creating wonders not only for food items but also for us who are thoroughly enjoying it. Edible items ranging from ice creams, cocktails, drinks and baked goods are experiencing a new twist in their taste with the floral flavours.
  • Exotic Flavours – 2019 is definitely the year of tropical vibes, travel and exploration and what better than the quintessential exotic flavours that are soothing and warm! The interesting combination of chili, ginger and jalapeno have become quite dominant as flavouring agents for drinks and smoothies across the beach shacks and travel destinations. Passion fruit too is regarded as an appealing element among these flavours. These exotic flavours have a fruity essence and act like the perfect soul satisfier.
  • Refreshing Flavours – If you are thinking of summer, then the flavours of watermelon and cucumber can never get old! Adding the right amount of freshness and sweetness, these flavours seamlessly give your senses a satisfaction nudge for better doing. Ideal for beverages, these non-sweetener flavours are effective in several ways.
  • Nostalgic Flavours – A popular trend that seems to catch up among many and will stay in 2019 for a good long time, nostalgic flavours are still a hit when it comes to reminiscing about good old memories. The evoking flavour of cereal milk or the seasonal pumpkin spices are some of the intriguing nostalgic flavours which might not have a new edge but will always remind you of the cosiness of your happy space.
  • Herbal Flavours – Herbal ingredients generally have an earthy and musky fragrance which is quite close to nature and has a natural feel. No wonder, herbal and mint tea have become a hit among the youngsters of 2019. Mostly beverages benefit from herbal flavours as they are unsweetened and comes with a variety of floral, spicy, sour, bitter and sweet combination.
  • Smoked Flavours – One of the interesting flavours of 2019, the smoked flavours are identified by their distinct smoky and bold aromas. Not only in barrelled spirits, but smoky flavours are also found in cocktails and teas. Oakwood, Maplewood, Cherrywood and Applewood are some of the compelling smoked flavours to watch out for.

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