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29 Sep, 2018

Fragrance That Entices Your Mind

by Admin | 29 September, 2018 |

How appealing would it be when you would be greeted at your home with a touch of freshness, every time you step in? Or wouldn’t it be a refreshing effect on your mind when the new aroma would charge up your senses? Fragrance gives the soul to your product creating its unique scent to trigger your memories and emotions.

Creating fragrance is both a science and art. In this challenging consumer market, product designers have to keep up with the ever-changing demands and dreams of their customers to stay at the forefront of their business. Karnataka Aromas have partnered with some of the leading manufacturers of aromatic fragrances across the globe to bring the best fragrance ingredients that would help create unique, artistic aromatic formulas to attract customers and stay ahead of competitors.

Each and every fragrance has a subtle touch of elegance which will remind the recipient of those nostalgic days which are probably now stored in the corner of the minds. Be it for your favourite perfume or the scented candles, the charming fragrances are always going to elevate your feeling of joy and relaxation with their unique characteristics.

Experience the lasting trail of the fruity and floral scented fragrance from Karnataka Aromas. The ingredients are carefully selected to make sure that the freshness is retained in it perfectly, lending a natural and rejuvenating touch to your soul. These wonderful aromas have a magical effect on every individual’s personality – making them feel refreshed and happy.

Another essential ingredient, cedarwood oil has a significant impact on alluring fragrances that are loved by everybody. Its woody and musky fragrance have a singular feature that is generally not found in any other ingredient. Imagine adding a dash of cedarwood oil fragrance in your living room before the guests arrive and then let them enjoy the mystical nature of the aroma throughout the evening!

The combination of sweet and tangy fragrances can only be found when it comes to lemony aromas that are quite a hit at Karnataka Aromas. The peppiness of the fragrances adds a bold touch to the atmosphere while the soft sugary aroma leaves behind a luscious and saccharine sweet effect to our minds.

Every fragrance has a distinct smell and leaves an ambrosial effect on all of us, allowing us to be mesmerized by its uniqueness. Be it a perfume, scented candle or soap, every aromatic product will create a special effect on your life and make it even more stunning. By partnering with international brands like Symrise, BASF, Takasago, Bestally and many more, Karnataka Aromas have been consistently coming up with inspiring and distinctive fragrance solutions that meets customer needs and enhances their daily routine. This innovation have given more reasons for people to fall in love with our exotic range of fresh fragrance ingredients.